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Stitch and Share
Attention to yourself and another

A mindful gift for a happy giver, maker & receiver

Are you always running around, surrounded by screens, and need to unwind?

Take some time for yourself and another with the DIY stitching cards of Stitch & Share.
The stitching helps you focus and be in the moment without any distractions.
And at the same time, you make an original gift to send to someone to show you care.

We think it’s important in this digital world to create moments away from the screens and
make something with your hands. It helps you relax and it gives you new energy and inspiration.

The Do It Yourself Stitching cards kits of Stitch & Share are for adults of every level.
First, you poke holes in the card with the needle, and with a simple backstitch, you follow the design.
Be as creative as you want to be!

By stitching cards, we want to make the world a more loving place.
One stitch at a time.

Stitch & Share was the winning team during a weekend business practices organized by the Amsterdam Centre of Entrepreneurship.